Saturday, April 25, 2015

Certified Sales Executive, CSE for Managers

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"Certified Sales Executive, CSE Training"

For Managers Only

Training Starts on May 17- 21, 2015

Join the Most Influential Sales & Marketing

Association in Middle East


In this Training you can have a real live training and talk with certified Instructor ( consultant) and you can also have discussions and physical interaction session. This live training course is a facilitation for exam preparation for CSE designation.

The Certified Sales Executive, CSE training is designed for Managers and is subject for global exam conducted by SMEI USA New York. SMEI is global sales and marketing professional association established in 1935 by IBM founder.

Certified Sales Executive, CSE discuss the following topics:

1) Sales Management

2) Sales Planning

3) Sales Operation

4) Present The New CSE Curriculum

In this type of synchronous training, the training will take place at 4-5 star hotel

All Participants will get 30 hours (3 ) continuous educational units(CEU), which is a requirement for certificate renewal and for setting for the exam.

See previous training pictures.

Members have a Special Offering.

**lunch is covered.

What they said about training

"very informative, very important to develop within yourself and the people around. In short this training is a key to professionals in sales and marketing"

"provides new way of thinking to make things done"

"The training is comprehensive through a good period of time. The content is easy to digest and very useful regardless of the field your work in"


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